The Marriage

  IMG_2399We would like to say once again big THANK YOU to all of you who made it to the wedding and to those who couldn’t make it for being with us on this day and for all gifts, cards and donations. We are still overwhelmed by all of it.  These were unforgettable two days for us and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Please do come and visit us in Watford, you are always welcome in our household 🙂

We’ll try to post some photos soon and distribute some of the best shots to all of you. At the moment just try to find yourself on the photo below 🙂


PS. Two of you left some belongings in Sulęcin. If you recognize items from photo below do not hesitate to contact us.


The Wedding

Maia&gregHello again everyone, it’s been a while since our last post but as you can imagine we’ve been extremely busy. There’re only a few days left so we thought it’s a good time to share some more info about the day. All guest who stay at the venue for the wedding night can check in at 2pm at the reception go to their rooms and get ready for for the service and reception. You can get there earlier if you wish and just chill out at the venue (go bowling, have a walk around the ponds, etc) There’ll be some cabs available to the church and back for guests without private transport. Please try to get a sit in the church few minutes before 4pm. We are planning on taking some group photos after the service by the church so don’t rush back to the venue. Once back to the venue everything should be straight forward so expect night full of dancing, drinking and eating and a good company. “Poprawiny” (day two) starts ad midday and finish around 5pm at the same location. Again there’ll be food, drinks and music avaialble for everyone. If you wish to continue having a good time in the evening the venue has a bar, restaurant and rooms available for ones too tired to leave the place that night. If you have any more questions or problems finding the venue, church, need a advice on how to get to Sulecin or any other query please let us know. We’re not available online all the time but you can reach us on this phone number +48 795 624 802 Thank you all for accepting our invitations and we look forward to seeing you having great time at our wedding. You are going to the wedding from five different countries. We appreciate all your efforts of getting to to the wedding. By looking at map below you can see trends like where are originally coming from and where do we alctually live at the moment. See you all on Saturday! Maria and Grzegorz. Wedding_Guests_ Europegosciebrits Donate Button with Credit Cards

The Venue

da_venueHello! it’s us again and today we have some more info about the wedding venue. Don’t worry, there’s not much history about it so no much too read either…Just to remind you all traveling guests will have accommodation for a wedding night at the venue. There are actually quite a few things you can do in this place. In hotel complex you’ll find indoor swimming pool, sauna, mini golf, restaurant, bar, bowling alley, pool and foosball tables, kayaking and many other attractions.

The best way to find “Da Venue” would be search in your sat nav for “Ośrodek Kormoran” as a Point of Interest (hotel). You can also search for its address: Ulica Daszyńskiego 57, 69-200 Sulęcin. Alternatively, lats and longs will never let you down: 52.461096, 15.113048 / N52.4611 E15.11305

From the church to the venue is not even two miles. Apparently, there are three alternative routes (which you can use on a way to the church on way back you’ll follow us in a car convoy and use car horns all the way…that’s how we roll it in Poland apparently :)). It really should be straight forward journey but if you have more questions about the venue or how to get there, please contact us or just drop the question in the comment box below.


Some of you already asked us about gift list. You all know that the biggest gift you can give it to us is your presence at our big day, however should you wish to give a wedding gift, we would be more than happy to receive a donation towards our honeymoon and bright start of our new life together. One of the ways to contribute is clicking on ‘donate’ button below. Thank you!

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The Church


Hello Everyone, We’ll be posting some wedding info on this site. Today’s post is about the church (photo to the left) where we are going to tie the knot. First, very short notes about its history: St. Nicholas Church, situated in the town centre, probably dates back to the 14th century. The original simple aisleless church was frequently rebuilt and extended throughout the centuries. It gained its final shape in the years 1899-1900. Just like the town hall in Sulęcin, St. Nicholas Church was burned down in 1945 when the Red Army entered the town. The late gothic reredos dating back to the early 16th century and the rafter framing, as well as the last storey of the church tower and the 15th century stellar vault covering the aisle and the presbytery were destroyed then. After the reconstruction of the church at the turn of the 1940s and 1950s the building gained its present appearance.

The best way to find the church for sat nav users is to type lats and longs: N52.441701,E15.112483/52° 26′ 30.1236” N 15° 6′ 44.9388” E. The other way would be asking locals for “kościół świetego mikołaja”. Clicking on the man below could also help finding the church.

With this great piece of mapping you’ll find the church with no problems:


In the next post you’ll find more details about wedding venue. Na razie!

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